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Make a lasting impression upon first impression

Everybody knows that you only have one chance to make a first impression, so it makes sense to ensure that you’re as well presented as possible.

One of the first things that people look at when meeting somebody for the first time is their smile – if you’ve got crooked, stained, uneven or discoloured teeth, the chances are that your smile isn’t quite as bright and white as you’d like it to be. Luckily a range of pioneering treatments available in Sydney can provide the perfect solution to the many common cosmetic dental problems, resulting in beautifully even and sparkling teeth that can transform your smile from the satisfactory to spectacular.

Range of discreet treatment

A common concern that many people have when considering cosmetic orthodontic work is how their teeth will look when braces or retainers are in place. Adults in particular may crave orthodontic appliances which are worn discreetly, enabling them to complete a course of treatment without it being obvious. In many cases we can fit Invisalign braces, providing excellent correction to misplaced teeth at the same time as being virtually invisible. Other options include fitting removable braces or other treatments that can significantly improve tooth alignment.

White teeth always look amazing

Some people are born with naturally white teeth; others have teeth that are darker, although perfectly healthy. Smokers and people who drink coffee can also be prone to discoloured, stained teeth. If left untreated, these can look extremely unattractive and may cause considerable distress. Dr Michael Tam has decades of experience in undertaking teeth whitening and is also happy to supply home whitening products that give cost-effective, appealing results quickly and easily. Many people find that whiter teeth give them the confidence they need to enjoy an enhanced career and improved social life.

Veneers and crowns give long lasting results

In some cases, tooth damage or decay means that a crown or veneer is essential to save the tooth. In such cases, the use of cosmetic veneers and crowns can ensure that the dental work leaves the tooth in premium condition and looking naturally healthy. Dr Tam can insert new crowns, or replace existing inferior models with state-of-the-art alternatives. These procedures not only result in teeth which look amazing, they can also significantly extend their life. Should a tooth be damaged beyond repair, dental implants provide an appealing alternative that preserves the jaw bone and require minimal maintenance once in place – just care for them in exactly the same way as you would normal teeth.

We understand how important it is to people of all ages that they have an attractive smile and a healthy mouth. Dr Tam and his friendly, professional team are committed to ensuring that every patient enjoys high quality, effective cosmetic dentistry for an extremely affordable price. Even if you need extensive work undertaking, it’s surprising how cheaply this can be achieved. If you’ve always wanted a dazzling, whiter-than-white smile, why not call or book an appointment to see what Dr Tan can do to help?

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