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Hair removal for blondes (finally!)

Technological innovations are the hallmarks of EFB Beauté, a specialist in IPL technology since 1994 and holder of 17 pulsed light patents in 83 countries. One such exclusive patent is the permanent epilation of not only dark hair but also blonde, grey, white and red hair – hair colours that have traditionally been notoriously difficult to treat.

Distributed in Australia by Insight Aesthetics, the EFB Beauté Adéna and Anthélia IPL systems are made and manufactured in France – and herald a breakthrough in permanent hair reduction.

Hair removal revolution

Until recently, the effectiveness of permanent hair reduction depended on factors such as darker hair colour and paler skin types. The long-term solution provided by laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) has traditionally been unavailable to those with lighter hair shades and darker skin types.

In 2011, after 10 years of research, the Adéna IPL system by EFB Beauté entered the market with its exclusive world- first patented technology for the removal of not only dark hair but also white, blonde, red and grey hair, as well as darker skin types.

Today EFB Beauté has become synonymous around the world with blonde and white hair removal, offering an effective and long-lasting solution to conquer previously difficult-to-treat hair shades and skin types.

How does it work?

During dark hair photoepilation procedures, an applicator head that emits high intensity flashes of filtered light is placed on the treatment area. The energy from this light is absorbed by the chromophore melanin, which is responsible for hair pigment or colour. Dark hair, which is rich in melanin, readily absorbs this light and transfers it as heat into the surrounding capillaries, which supply blood to the papilla of growing hairs. When the papillae are destroyed in high temperatures, additional hair growth is prohibited.

The EFB Beauté Adéna and Anthélia IPL systems are unique in that they do not rely only on the hair pigment to absorb the light energy, meaning it can effectively target those hair shades not so rich in melanin. Instead, the patented technology of Adéna and Anthélia target the blood vessels at the bottom of the follicle directly, preventing the growth of blonde, grey, white and red hairs.

EFB Beauté has carry out a clinical trial in the French laboratory DERMSCAN to prove the performance of this revolutionary process.Innovative IPL technologies, such as the stability of delivered energy and a new absorption filter that won’t wear out during its lifetime, are the hallmarks of EFB Beauté and ensures the safety and optimal effectiveness of treatment on darker complexions without risk of burning or hypopigmentation.

EFB Beauté has developed versatile, intuitive and multi- programmed systems to address a variety of cosmetic concerns, offering an impressive leap forward in IPL technology, particularly for fair-haired people wishing to remove unwanted body hair.


5 treatments, 1 system

The Adéna and Anthélia IPL devices by EFB Beauté combine multiple applications in one, offering progressive and lasting photoepilation of all hair colours on all skin types, as well as photorejuvenation to improve ageing skin, acne, rosacea, pigmentation and spider veins. Both offer effective results; the Adéna is a more gentle treatment, while the Anthélia offers faster, more efficient results.

1. Photoepilation
World-first exclusive patent in permanent hair reduction for all hair colours, including blonde, white, grey and red.

2. Skin tightening and anti-ageing
Stimulation of the dermis for a restructuring, lifting and tightening effect of the skin.

3. Pigmentary treatment
Removal of dark patches on the skin caused by sun damage and ageing.

4. Vascular treatment
Fast elimination of spider veins and broken capillaries by selective photo-coagulation.

5. Acne treatment
Weakens production of the sebaceous glands and treats inflammatory and bacterial acne.

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