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A hub of world-class service and personalised care, My Face Clinic delivers an all-encompassing approach to cosmetic rejuvenation.

Established by Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Peter Laniewski, the clinic is built on personalised patient care and is dedicated to achieving superior results in everything from injectables and surgery, to light therapies and skincare.

With a vision to build a clinic specialising in high quality, results-driven treatments, Dr Laniewski has established a team of highly trained consultants and therapists at his Bella Vista clinic in North-West Sydney, and has recently opened a new My Face Clinic in Erina on the Central Coast.

The range of treatments seen at My Face Clinic invites a wide spectrum of patients – spanning all ages, with various concerns. Dr Laniewski stresses an individualised approach is key in achieving the best results in aesthetic rejuvenation, as every patient is unique in their motivations, desires and concerns.

‘It’s all about service, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service and care,’ he explains. ‘What’s right for one person isn’t necessarily suitable for another. There are varying treatments, and degrees of treatment, that can be tailored to each patient.’

This dedication to individualised service and optimum patient care is seen in the one-on-one cosmetic consultants at My Face Clinic.

‘Each patient has his or her own dedicated cosmetic consultant,’ says Dr Laniewski. ‘Whether it’s a relatively simple procedure like injectables, right through to a facelift, the cosmetic consultant walks the patient through the whole process. This forms a lasting relationship built on trust, professionalism and dedicated care.’

Notably, Dr Laniewski performs both the surgical and non-surgical injectable treatments himself, giving all patients the highest level of service and care.

He has undergone international training in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and is considered a world leader in breast and face and neck reconstruction.

‘Treatment – whether it’s surgical, non-surgical or a combination of both, is dependant on the patient’s needs, desires and expectations,’ Dr Laniewski says. ‘Sometimes, non-surgical therapies can waylay the need for surgery, or an upper eyelid lift can afford a rejuvenating effect. However, a complete facelift remains the gold standard for revitalising the ageing face, as it repositions and tightens underlying facial muscles and removes excess skin.’

Alongside the surgical solutions, there is an Appearance and Wellness Medicine arm to Dr Laniewski’s clinic. This offers non-invasive solutions to anti-ageing including skin peels, light-based treatments, and micro/ hydrodermabrasion.

Before undergoing any form of treatment, an extensive consultation process is required to ensure optimum results. In surgical cases, Dr Laniewski uses 3D imaging to help envision the ultimate results and establish the best surgical approach for optimum outcomes.

‘It’s all about building relationships, someone might be a great candidate for IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy or facial peels initially, but later down the track, as more advanced ageing occurs, surgery may be recommended,’ Dr Laniewski says. ‘By having such a good rapport with the surgeon and their cosmetic consultant, the patient can feel at ease, knowing they are in good hands and that their doctor has their best interests at heart,’ he concludes.

Face Dr Skincare

Following treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, optimising results should involve using a quality active skincare range. Face Dr skincare by Dr Laniewski encompasses the ‘ABC of skincare’. It has Vitamin A, B and C serums, alongside an anti-pigment serum and an exfoliating cleanser.

The anti-ageing range is designed to protect skin, strengthen the underlying tissue, accelerate cellular processes and beautify the complexion. Used in conjunction with cosmetic treatments, it helps skin look its best at every age.

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