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Why one man wants you to quit vegetable oil

He first hit headlines in 2008 when, after deciphering the latest medical findings on diet and weight gain, he put forward the notion that sugar, and not a lack of exercise, was making us fat. Sweet Poison spawned a community of sugar-quitters (the most recent convert being Sarah Wilson), not to mention a follow-up book, The Sweet Poison Quit Plan, designed to help you kick the habit and, more recently, Big Fat Lies: How The Diet Industry Is Making You Sick. Now, David Gillespie, a corporate lawyer turned health evangelist, is back, and he has an equally hard-hitting message to tell.

‘Vegetable oil makes you exceedingly vulnerable to cancer,’ he writes in Toxic Oil: Why Vegetable Oil Will Kill You & How To Save Yourself (Viking, RRP $29.99). ‘Every mouthful of vegetable oil you consume takes you one step closer to a deadly (and irreversible) outcome.’

It’s a chilling introduction to Gillespie’s latest crusade, and one that is no less bound to shock the impressionable amongst us into dashing home and emptying our cupboards than Sweet Poison was to have us yelling ‘No!’ at that tempting morning doughnut.

Despite the sensational claims, Gillespie has a reputation for deciphering the latest medical findings and presenting them in a way that makes sense to you and I. ‘I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. I have no formal training in human biochemistry or even chemistry. I am a lawyer and the only relevant skill I bring to the table is an ability to gather, understand and synthesise evidence,’ he says in his own words.

In Big Fat Lies, Gillespie uncovered scientific evidence that showed vegetable oils – especially seed oils – are dangerous to our health, despite the fact they are recommended by government agencies. Toxic Oil builds on this finding, adding weight to the argument that, when consumed in the quantities we are currently, an excess of seed oils can not only cause cancer and heart disease but can also damage our eyes and immune systems.

Yet, with supermarket products laden with seed oils – you’ll find them in most margarines, sauces, spreads, crackers, biscuits and pastry not to mention fast and processed foods – how do we efficiently detox our diet? Gillespie has practical tips for navigating the supermarket shelves, recommending brands that are known to be low in both sugar and seed oils, and also provides recipes for meals that might normally be made with seed oils. Even chips don’t need to be off the menu with this helpful guide.

‘If you do what I suggest [in this book], you will be doing all the wrong things, according to our health authorities,’ Gillespie says. ‘You’ll be eating butter, drinking full fat milk, chomping through bacon and eggs for breakfast and enjoying a pie for lunch. But if you do this, the science says you will significantly increase your chances of living a long and hopefully happy life.’

Toxic Oil by David Gillespie


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  1. Susan says:

    Could you believe that Australia has been using GM Cottonseed oil in all food outlets including pubs clubs and resteraunts and fast food areas over the country. It is being marketed to retailers as a cheaper product and cholesterol free(mainly because they cannot get rid of it). This has never been mentioned to the public in australia. I am not against the growing of cotton but the manufacturers need to send this vegetable oil elsewhere. Maybe put it in engines not in our young childrens fish,chips and the like that so many will eat in their time.

  2. David Gillespie has recently demonstrated that not only can he not accurately read a scientific journal article – http://davidgillespiesbigfatlies.com/264/can-david-gillespie-actually-read-and-understand-a-science-paper/ but the extract from this book shows that he doesn’t even understand how the scientific process works. He states ““Science is based on people making hypotheses about how things might work and then collecting evidence that will prove them right (or wrong).”

    That might be how David practices law, but it isn’t legitimate science! If you are a scientist, you DON’T find out which side you are on first and then collect the relevant evidence to support your predetermined ‘truth’, you decide after you have read the evidence! Science is about having a hypothesis, testing it and then comparing it with the relevant information available at the time. Showing where your ‘evidence’ fits it with the existing body of knowledge (which almost universally appears in the discussion section of a paper) is an important part of science, just not of sensational journalism! You don’t just collect evidence to support your calim and then call it a fact!

    A simple search for journal article review papers would demonstrate how hard David Gillespie has to cherry pick the research to draw these conclusions – let alone make them in such a black and white, definitive manner.

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