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What are the chances of meeting Mr Right?

Not that high if you live in Sydney, according to the latest statistics from Roy Morgan Research – especially if you’re picky. In fact, if you’re armed with a list of criteria that includes such requirements as ‘feel financially stable’, and ‘bought deodorant in the last six months’ (not that picky, I think you’ll agree), the clever people over at Roy Morgan have calculated there could be just 636 eligible bachelors left in Sydney.

‘636?’ I hear you question. ‘Just how exactly were these calculations made?’

With 429,000 straight, single gents left in Sydney, Roy Morgan hit the streets and pinned down 3,000 of them to survey their lifestyles and attitudes. The aim? To discover just how many Mr Perfects there are floating around this city. They discovered that, of the single men living in Sydney:

  • 56% feel financially stable
  • 57% love to cook
  • 57% bought deodorant in the last six months
  • 40% are a ‘Mr Fix It’ type
  • 80% believe helping others is an important part of who they are
  • 35% believe expensive restaurants are worth the money
  • 56% have read a book in the last three months
  • 52% are in the ‘acceptable’ BMI range
  • 51% like weekends away
  • 67% like to know what’s going on in the world
  • 84% try to recycle everything
  • 87% don’t have substance abuse issues or dandruff


If you’re looking for a foodie (and let’s face it, with My Kitchen Rules on the box at the moment, who isn’t?), then you stand a pretty good chance of hooking up with one. There’s an estimated 244,530 prospects cooking up a storm in kitchens around the city. But start adding additional criteria and the numbers start to dwindle. If you need someone to help you out with odd jobs around the house, you can take your pick from just 97,812 Mr Fix Its currently living in Sydney.

Of course, if all the above criteria appeal to you, finding your ideal mate may prove tricky. According to the people at Roy Morgan, multiplying out all these criteria will reveal just 636 men.

Tell us, what are you looking for in a man this Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Fi says:

    I guess this makes The chances in Brisbane even more unlikely! Oh well I can keep dreaming…

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