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Celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day

There’s no getting away from it. Next week, florists will be overflowing with overpriced red roses, and newsagents will be packed to the rafters with soppy cards and boxes of chocolates. If you hadn’t already clocked it, next Thursday the world’s loved up will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. But what if you’re flying solo this year? If you’re struggling to come to terms with spending the night alone, take comfort in our list of the top ten reasons why it’s great to be single:

1) It’s perfectly acceptable to buy yourself a box of chocolates – and eat them all.

2) You can spend the whole night rugged up in your warmest pyjamas, eating take out and watching rom coms.

3) Or, if you feel like going out then there’s no better night to find guaranteed single men at bars.

4) There’s no competition over who gets the best gift between you and your couple friends.

5) You don’t even have to waste money on a gift. Or you can spend said gift money on a new pair of shoes.

6) You can dance around singing Beyonce’s ‘All the single ladies,’ because, let’s face it, songs are so much better when you connect with the lyrics.

7) You can spend as much time as you like getting ready without having a nagging male constantly asking ‘are you done yet?’

8) You can choose where you want to go out, if you choose to go out, without being dragged to sports bars ‘along the way’

9) It’s perfectly fine to be ‘too tired’ as you don’t have to put out before you go to bed – if you don’t want to.

10) You get to spend the whole day with the hottest, smartest, most amazing person there is – you.

Still jealous of your friends that are in relationships on Valentines Day? Don’t be, you have (at least) ten reasons why you are better off.

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