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A month of sobriety

With the festive season behind us, the screams of protest can finally be heard. Our bodies are crying out for attention and desperately trying to forget the moreish rumballs, sticky puddings and yes, the excessive alcohol.

Participating in Feb Fast could placate your protesting stomach, while also contributing to a valuable legacy. A chance to sober up, Feb Fast challenges participants to go without alcohol for the 28 days of February. And what timing! With Australian taxes on alcohol going up today there is greater motivation to give your body – and wallet – a breather. You can register with a workplace team, with family and friends or even alongside your favourite AFL star.

Losing weight, having better sex, looking better, saving money, reclaiming more time and abolishing hangovers are the six reasons Feb Fast use as persuasion. And with 48% of 2012 participants reporting weight loss while kicking alcohol, there is no doubt your body will thank you for participating.

Certainly, these immediate, individual benefits will emerge during a month of sobriety but the true value behind Feb Fast is its contribution to alcohol awareness.

Realistically, a month without alcohol will have limited long-term health effects. Cancer Research UK also promotes a month of sobriety, but admit ‘giving up drinking for one month will not have any lasting effect on your health’. Even so, liver specialist and chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance Professor Sir Ian Gilmore told The Independent why these campaigns are important.

“Medically, the most important benefit of giving up alcohol for a month is proving to yourself that you can stop drinking on demand,” he said.

“While I’m backing dry […] campaigns because they concentrate the mind and show people what is possible, drinkers still need to think about their consumption all year around.”

As well as raising awareness and bringing alcohol consumption to the forefront of public consciousness, Feb Fast donates to two organisations dedicated to dealing with alcohol and drug related issues.

Your $25 registration fee, as well as any donation or sponsorship takings, will be given to either Youth Support and Advocacy Service, a facility for young people between 12 and 21 who are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs, or Family Drug Support, a service assisting families in dealing with alcohol and drug issues.

For 28 days, give you body the break its been craving. With the beaches blazing there is no better time to get your body looking its healthiest, while the start of the working year will demand your brain to be at its most productive. Also, just quietly, participants can purchase a $25 ‘time out’ card, which allows you to nominate a day where drinking just cannot be avoided.

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