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What we look for in the opposite sex

When it comes to meeting a man or woman, it’s no secret we each have our own unique requirements. Some like tall men or women while others prefer intelligence to appearance. But if you think you’re the only one mentally ticking items off your checklist every time you meet someone new, think again. A new study has revealed some of the key traits we find most desirable in the opposite sex.

The study, which was conducted by Australian dating website,, looked at the behavioral and activity trends of nearly two million of the site’s members and identified key traits that men and women look for when scouring the site for someone to date. “We’ve studied the behaviour of our members and distilled a snapshot of characteristics that make up the most desirable or popular singles,” RSVP spokeswoman Jayne Andrews said.

Woman have shown that they are most interested in males who have grey hair, green eyes, are social/occasional drinkers, swinging voters, 190cm tall, work in real estate and don’t smoke.

As for the men, they show the most interest in women who have no strong political beliefs, blonde hair, green eyes, are social/occasional drinkers, 170cm tall, work in advertising/PR/media and are non-smokers. “We also know that singles like to see the softer side of other potential suitors and RSVP members with pets are more likely to be contacted,” says Andrews.

It seems our priorities have somewhat changed. In 1977, men ranked education and intelligence at number 11. Nowadays, men have ranked a woman’s intelligence number 4, above her good looks which are at number 8. “Finally men are considering more long-lasting traits in women than just good looks!” Says Dr. Michelle Gannon, psychologist and co-founder of Marriage Prep 101. “Men are looking for women who are accomplished and interesting, but who will also be supportive and loving.

Although many men would be willing to compromise their strict checklists if the opportunity to sleep with a woman arose, women have very high standards and often stick to their preferences. There is no such thing as the perfect man or woman, but if either sex could get their hands on the others secret list, they would already have one foot inside their bedroom.

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