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Want to join the mile high club?

Have you ever found yourself bored at the departure gate, your flight delayed? Maybe you’re travelling alone and have run out of things to buy in Duty Free? Since May 2011, passengers at airport terminals have been turning to ‘travel dating’ websites in order to alleviate this boredom, meet new people and, well, who knows what happens when you’re a mile up in the sky… has 20,000 members around the world – not all of whom are necessarily single. The brain-child of Steve Pasternack, the idea for the site was born when a delayed flight left him stranded at Miami airport.

‘I noticed a lot of people at the bar looking for something to do, and I thought it’d be great if I could get them to meet each other,’ he told CNN recently.

When logging on, new members are asked a few pertinent details, designed to match them up with suitable travellers – including their flight details and departure airport.

‘Frequent flyers can make new friends with passengers that travel out of the same airport as they do on a regular basis,’ the website reads. ‘And a delayed departure time or changed flight schedule no longer means having to kill time by reading a magazine or staring blankly in front of yourself.’

Whilst the website was born in the US and has proven popular with Americans, Pasternack says the site now has members from all over the world, with Mexicans and Germans showing the most interest in the site.

‘What better time to meet somebody new than when you’re sitting in an airport?’ Pasternack says. ‘This person could be a travel companion [or] they could be from the place you’re going. It could turn into a friendship, a romance. It could work out for business, many things.’

Indeed, of the members on the site, most are ‘single’ and ‘open to possibilities’, whilst a few identify themselves as ‘married’. Others openly admit to ‘looking for something serious’.

It seems Pasternack’s idea is gaining momentum, with Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, Finland, currently investigating speed-dating for waiting passengers. Dating expert and author of Have Him At Hello told the Daily Mail that, whilst initiatives like these cannot predict chemistry, they may prove an efficient means of meeting new people.

‘[Many] young professionals in their 20s and 30s are constantly traveling as they build their careers,’ she said. ‘They simply don’t have time to date when they’re at home, so this [airport dating] could be very efficient.’

Has someone caught your eye when you’ve been travelling? Would you log on and use Share your views below.

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