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Discover a healthier you at a NuYu weight loss retreat

When work goes into overdrive and there is no time to take a moment to stop, even the simplest tasks can feel impossible. Healthy eating is replaced by convenience foods, exercise is abandoned in favour of sitting in front of the television, and finding some you time is simply not possible. Sometimes, the easiest solution is to have someone else do it all for you.

NuYu Total Health does exactly that. A holistically balanced health retreat, NuYu employs staff trained specifically in areas of weight loss, nutrition, psychology, osteopathy and physiology, to ensure each client is receiving the complete physical, mental and emotional overhaul they need.

Shaun Cardillo, Founder of NuYu Total Health, understands that, for most people, the bad habits are often the hardest to kick. “Most people are looking for a kick start and to change some of their unwanted habits. Everyone knows what they should be doing but struggle to actually do it day to day,” says Cardillo. “Our guests see NuYu as the perfect platform to break the current cycle and be supported through that change process.”

The Hawkesbury Valley and Salt Beach locations are set in equally beautiful surroundings, focusing on a serene environment that allows guests the peace and quiet desired when taking some much needed time out. Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury Valley is just one hour’s drive north west of Sydney CBD, making it perfect for those looking to escape the busy confusion of city living.

Salt Beach can be found amidst the spectacular Northern Rivers coastal region of northern New South Wales; only 20 minutes from Gold Coast International Airport, this beach holiday getaway wouldn’t be complete without the pristine white sand beaches, nature walks and access to one of Australia’s most renowned day spas, The Golden Door.

The dedicated retreat programs offered through the two NuYu Total Health locations are tailored to each individual’s needs, while falling into three basic categories; weight loss and lifestyle, fitness boot camp, and holiday health retreats.

Dr Joanna McMillan, vice president of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association and a member of the Dietitians Association of Australia and The Nutrition Society, has worked with NuYu Total Health to devise the optimum eating plan and nutritional guidelines for guests from all walks of life. “I have for many years helped people to lose weight and there is no doubt that if you’re seriously struggling, going to a residential program like NuYu is the way to go,” says McMillan. “It means that you have complete focus on trying to change your lifestyle habits, learning what it is that you need to be doing and having someone providing healthy food for you. You’ve got 24-hour support, help and motivation – not just from the trainers but from the other people that are in your group with you.”

The focus on dietary changes and weight loss achievement at NuYu Total Health has cemented their place in the health and fitness industry, but their focus on the holistic approach to lifelong adjustments has seen their guests benefit in all areas of health improvement, such as eye sight, diabetes, asthma, and stress management.

Guests leave NuYu feeling markedly better, with improvements showing inside and out. The program can improve skin quality, elasticity, hair and nail strength and growth as well as leaving guests with a much improved sense of confidence and improved self-esteem.

NuYu Total Health is the optimum solution for those needing firm guidance in making changes to dietary and lifestyle practices, in order to make the overall improvements for a better outlook on life, while always lending itself to being a great support for anyone needing a simple timeout on life.

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