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Single women choosing work over weddings

There was a time when walking down the aisle was seen as the ultimate achievement in a woman’s life, perhaps only to be topped by going forth and multiplying. Today, however, and times have changed with two thirds of single women in Australia admitting they’d rather receive a promotion at work than an offer of engagement.

A new survey of Australian men and women has revealed that the overwhelming majority of single women over the age of 25 would prefer financial security to marital bliss, with 82% opting for a larger bank balance over a white wedding. Indeed, 71% said they’d pick an overseas holiday over getting married. Romance, it seems, is fast going out of fashion.

Of the 1,054 men and women surveyed, 39% said they believed a speedy-marriage could slow down their career progression, with 61% admitting they’d prefer a more drawn-out engagement.

“Similar to the stereotypical power women of the 80s, society has seen the rise of the alpha female, a woman who wants to call the shots in the relationship and not be pigeonholed as the wife,” relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein told the Herald.

“Furthermore, having children is likely to be more disruptive to a woman’s career than a man’s, so for career oriented women, love is certainly changing.”

This rise in Alpha females is backed up by results from the most recent census, which last week revealed nearly a third of women at TAFE are studying management and commerce – double the proportion of men.

“I think young women coming through have got a stronger sense of themselves. They don’t have to fight the same battles their mothers did,” commented Australian Institute of Management chief executive Susan Heron.

Whilst, in 2010, the highest number of marriages in a single year was recorded in Australia, the proportion of the population getting hitched has been on the decline for the last 20 years. Australians have also been waiting until their older before getting married and having children, with most men and women waiting until they’re in their late 30s before taking the plunge.

What do you think? Would you choose your career over love, or do you prefer to believe it’s possible to have both?

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