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What are your dating deal breakers?

A few years ago, I found myself walking out of a pub in Cambridge. This isn’t all that remarkable seeing as I lived nearby, and frequented the pub more often than I should probably admit. On this occasion, however, I was walking out on a first date for the first time in my life.

We’d met online. We’d spoken – albeit briefly – on the phone. He was busy studying and looking for love. I was busy working and looking for the same. We’d hit it off and planned a mid-week dinner at the Eagle (if you ever visit Cambridge, you really should go). Just 30 minutes after meeting, however, and I was on my way home.

Why, I hear you ask? He wasn’t married; I’m pretty sure he wasn’t gay; he didn’t have bad breath; and he’d even bought the first round of drinks. So far so good. So why didn’t I give the evening – and my date – a chance?

When you meet a potential partner, there are certain idiosyncrasies that can send you running. And not towards each other. It might be bad taste in clothes; a different religious background; an age difference you can’t compute; or simply the fact that he’s shorter than you. Dating deal breakers are ultimately very personal – what matters to one person might not matter to another.

For me, the absence of any semblance of a sense of humour had me hastening for the exit.

The good news is that, according to a survey by eHarmony, men and women – on the whole – tend to agree about what makes a great potential mate… and what doesn’t.

Like me, most men and women look for a ‘great sense of humour’ (that’s a GSOH for those looking for love online), someone who is kind, who communicates well and who is loyal. On the other hand, no one wants a partner prone to lying, cheating, rude behaviour and drug use. That, it seems, we can all agree on.

However, for women at least, the study revealed a number of other tendencies that could sound the death knoll for any potential relationship.

1. A wandering eye – eyes that flicker too regularly from their date to passing women is a definite dating deal breaker thanks to the fact it can lead some women to feel insecure around their man.

2. Trying too hard – we know their heart is in the right place, but trying too hard can achieve the opposite. If a man suggests meeting the parents during the very first date he’s likely not going to win a second chance.

3. Bragging – Talking about possessions can indicate an obsession with ‘stuff’. Not too many women are thrilled about the prospect of being considered a possession.

4. Infidelity – bringing up former misdemeanours during a date is the fourth most common dating deal breaker according to eHarmony.

5. Hung up on the ex – Discussing past relationships – what you’ve learned from them – can be a healthy endeavour. But name dropping a particular ex every two minutes is one of the most common dating deal breakers for women.

Do you agree? What are your dating deal breakers? Share your experiences below.

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