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How to spring clean your life!

Take a look outside and you’ll see flowers in bloom. The birds are chirping in the trees, the leaves are that little bit greener, and the sun has shaken off its winter blues. Spring is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to gather your cleaning apparatus and freshen up your home.

Giving your living, working and sleeping spaces a good ‘Spring Clean’ can introduce organisation into your life, and just think what that could lead to … more time to spend with the kids; fewer late nights spent in front of your lappy in the office; maybe more space to simply be.

But spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning. Yes, it’s important to scrub those floors and wash away the last remnants of dust that might have been lurking in the winter shadows, but spring offers the opportunity to makeover each aspect of your life.

Clean out your life


Whilst you might think you’re okay living with the mound of dirty clothes piled in the corner of your bedroom, and the stack of unread mail cluttering up your coffee table, it could be taking its toll on your health.

“Disorganisation creates stress because it reflects that there are commitments in your life that you simply can’t handle,” says Lorie Marrero, a ‘professional organiser’ and creator of Marrero believes clutter causes stress because it overloads the brain, creates conflict, and drains your reserves of energy.

“Disorganisation steals time and energy because clutter represents delayed decisions and actions — it is a visual form of procrastination,” she says. The answer, according to Marrero, is to go on a ‘clutter diet’. Her advice is to make sure you put everything away in it’s proper place – don’t leave it lying around thinking you’ll put it away later.

Start throwing out unnecessary items that have been cluttering up your home for years. It might be hard but, according to Marrero, you’ll feel better for it. “People find that once they clear clutter, they have a burst of energy and feel like they can do things they really want to do. They feel better and less stressed and realise that being organised has changed their lives,” she says.


According to Sydney naturopath Lisa Guy, many of us are left feeling sluggish at the end of winter. ‘After eating heavier, richer foods and exercising less, now we’re noticing the effects winter has had on our waistline,’ she says.  Giving your diet a good spring clean can therefore kick start your health in time for the season of festivities.

Guy recommends cleaning our your kitchen cupboards as part of the big spring clean, getting rid of any sugary, processed junk foods. Having got rid of the old, it’s in with the new, and Guy suggests stocking up on fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Exercise is just as important as your diet, so it’s time to get outside and make the most of the warmer weather. ‘Up your exercise,’ says Guy. ‘It’s the best way to boost your metabolism and energy levels. Pick an activity you enjoy or you won’t stick to it. Have some fun in the sun and try jogging, swimming, cycling, or roller blading. Or take a dancing or zumba class.’


Paying attention to your finances should be an ongoing commitment but, if you’ve left your bank balance unchecked for a while, spring is the perfect time to ask a few simple questions. Start by asking yourself how you’re doing in terms of achieving your financial goals – after all, unless you have a target, you won’t be able to hit it. Whilst ‘living in the now’ is a healthy attitude to have when it comes to enjoying life, where finances are concerned it pays to consider the future, so start by dreaming big, and then work out how much you need to put aside each month to get there. It might mean you can’t buy those summer wedges in every colour but, with a little budgeting, you’ll be able to afford one pair at least.

A financial makeover also needs to consider your level of debt. Are you paying it off, or is it getting larger? Rather than throwing extra money at your debts to pay them off, try looking for a better home loan or credit card deal. With a better interest rate you might be able to spend less and rid yourself of debt that little bit faster.

The same can be said of your savings account. How much interest are you earning on your hard-earned cash? Take the time to look around for a better savings account and make your money work harder for you.

Have you spring cleaned your life? Are you planning to? What are your top tips for organisation?

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