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Travel weekender: Jervis Bay

I’m bowled over by the beauty of this place. Having grown up a short haul flight from the dazzling azure waters of the Mediterranean, I know how entrancing they can be. Here, thousands of miles removed from the Med – I can lose just as much time staring out to sea. Maybe even more.

Renowned for its starch white sands and turquoise water, Jervis Bay is nestled just three hours south of Sydney. In good traffic, you can be cradling a cup of coffee in Huskisson just as your cravings for caffeine kick in.

We’re here to camp, and for that there’s only really one port of call as far as I’m concerned. City life has left its mark on this country-girl-at-heart, and Green Patch, located 5km inside Booderee National Park, is the perfect mix of rugged outdoor and clean amenities.

Perched on the edge of Iluka – one of the many beaches that exist here, waiting only to be cast as the front of a postcard – Green Patch can be hard to get in to. You often have to book months in advance – something that might surprise those of you more used to living it up in five star hotels. And five star Green Patch certainly is not. But what can I say? If you were sat where I am right now, you’d understand what all the fuss is about.

You see, when it comes to getting some r+r, some people like to indulge in a spa break. Others like to hurl themselves out of a plane just to feel alive. Me, I like to drive to Jervis Bay, turn off my phone, pitch a tent and immerse myself in the wonders of this place. There is – for me at least – something to be said for ‘getting back in touch with nature’.

The Bay itself is nature’s playground. Above me, the blue sky is dotted not by clouds but by the sporadic flight of gannets and soaring sea eagles. Out to sea, two dolphins are cruising the edge of the reef, where milky waters suddenly plunge into murky navy blue depths. A little further on and hundreds of penguins paddle in the safety of their secluded island. It’s peaceful and, when the sun shines, thought-stoppingly beautiful.

Given the allure of Jervis Bay, it’s not surprising that it’s blossomed as a tourist hub. Huskisson, a small town perched on the Currambene Creek is ideally placed in the centre of the bay to play host to the many agencies vying for your buck, and it’s here you’ll find plenty of options to help you make the most of your stay.

From stand-up-paddle boarding (or SUP to you and me) to kayak hire and fishing gear, there’s something here for everyone. Moored at the entrance to the creek, you’ll find a raft of boats ready to take you out for seasonal whale watching excursions or, if you arrive out of season, regular jaunts around the bay to try can catch a glimpse of one of the hundreds of dolphins that call Jervis home. For a wild ride, visit Jervis Bay Extreme and book a ful-filled trip on the Eco Extreme – but remember to wrap up, because as the throttle opens up, so too does the often icy wind.

Whether, like me, you’re in need of a little city-relief, or you simply want to explore the great outdoors, make Jervis Bay a priority this summer.

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  2. Michelle says:

    It’s also a great place to learn to scuba dive. Plus fantastic viewing when the whales are on the move.

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