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Single Women Over Fifty & Loving Life

If you’re single, over the age of fifty, and your wardrobe holds clothes skimpier than your teenage daughter’s, then you might have heard the term Swofty. The latest buzz word to refer to single women over the age of fifty, new research suggests mature single women – or Swofties – are dressing more scantily than they did in their own teens… supposedly spurred on by the growing number of provocatively dressed Swofty celebs.

The research, which was commissioned by the online retailer, found that a fifth of women who’ve reached their flirtatious fifties are wearing sexier outfits than they were in their youth.

Having reached their half century, the research suggests these women are likely to be wearing designer clothes, drinking champagne cocktails – even rocking up to music festivals.

Around two thirds of the 1,000 women involved in the study said being single meant they could wear what they wanted, rather than having to dress to please a husband or partner.

The poll, which looked at women aged 50 to 65, found more than half had enjoyed a date with the opposite sex over the past 12 months and one in ten had used internet dating sites to meet men.

A third of those polled said they were enjoying their freedom so much they were unlikely to settle down again.

According to Dan Rubel, from, the research shows the concept of a woman having to accept a ‘life of babysitting and bingo’ was ‘a thing of the past’.

What do you think? Are you a single woman over 50 and loving life?


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