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The Yoga Aid World Challenge

If you regularly practice yoga, you’ll already be convinced of it’s many, many health benefits. There’s no doubt a regular routine of sun salutations and downward facing dog can be good for your mind, body and soul – but now the benefits of yoga are about to be brought to the masses.

On Sunday 9 September, Yogis around the world will wake up with the sun and take part in what can only be described as a ‘yoga relay’, chasing the sunrise around the world from Australia to Los Angeles in an effort to raise more than US$1 million for charities.

Spanning more than 20 countries and incorporating an estimated 200 yoga events, the Yoga Aid World Challenge is the first ever, one-day, around-the-world yoga event, and yogis young and old are all invited to take part – no matter what skill level you may be. Each local event is set to last for two hours, and will be led by premier teachers from your area.

The American musician and yogi MC Yogi once said, “When we live to give love, there is no greater feeling”. In 2006, two yoga enthusiasts, Clive and Eriko, decided to put this yoga practice into action by creating the Yoga Aid Challenge, an international fundraising event with the dual purpose of raising funds for charity and sharing the wonderful joys of yoga.

Since the first Yoga Aid Challenge, the events have raised over $1.2 million for charities throughout the world, and have involved more than 10,000 yogis. This year, however, Clive and Eriko decided to take Yoga Aid to a much, much wider audience with the Yoga Aid World Challenge.

The Challenge will kick off in Sydney in The Domain, at 8am. After two hours of group yoga, MC Yogi will perform a special celebration concert. But don’t worry if you’re not based in Sydney, you can still get involved, as there are events taking place across Australia from Tasmania to Perth.

To register for an event near you, or to pledge money to one of the three Australian charities set to benefit from Yoga Aid, visit www.yogaaid.com/australia.

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