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Beauty How-To: ’60s-Inspired Cat Eyes

Taking inspiration from the ’60s, cat eyes are one of the hottest makeup trends coming off the catwalk this Spring. At the Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders and Dolce & Gabbana shows peepers popped with pumped-up fringe and a generous coating of black eyeliner.

Whether you want a thick cat eye that extends all the way to the crease like in the Lanvin shows, or a stubby fishtail liner like from Tsumori, this trend will give your look some edge!

Whilst it’s not a new look, the ’60s-inspired cat eye has now well and truly made the shift from run way to real life. Follow these steps to find out how to achieve the look with ease.

How-To Guide

1. Add a neutral eye shadow to the whole of your eyelid

2. Following the shape of your eyebrow arch, apply a highlight colour eye shadow underneath your eyebrow. With the main colour on your eyelid, gently blend.

3. As close to the lash line as possible apply a thin line of your liquid eyeliner along your top eyelashes, stopping when you get to the outer corner of your eye.

4. In the direction of the outer edge of your eyebrow, angle your eyeliner applicator upwards, and make a small flick following the shape and angle of your bottom lash line. For a more dramatic look make this flick longer. It is easiest to do this a little at a time.

5. Once your happy with the flick, join it back to your upper lash line by forming a small triangle.

6. Repeat on your other eye, and finish with volumising mascara.

7. For a more dramatic statement add individual lashes along the outside of the eye.

8. For a bold look apply a lashing of red lipstick or to keep the eyes the statement go for a nude shade.

To add a modern touch to a classic look that won’t go unnoticed, use a brightly coloured liquid eyeliner. Yellow and pink will make your eyes pop!

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