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International dating differences

The way you date may differ depending on the country you live in, according to a global survey by Inspired by the gathering of Olympians from every corner of the globe, the world’s largest dating website set out to examine how singles from different cultures differ in the game of love.

More than 3,000 singles from six countries – including Australia, the US, France, the UK, Canada and Japan – were quizzed on their dating behaviours, and the results highlighted some stark cultural differences on certain topics – from who pays for what, and how far you’re likely to take things on the first date.

The survey revealed that singles living in the US are the most prolific daters, with 76% of responders having gone on two or more dates in the last year. Australians, however, seem to be staying at home, with just 47% of singles admitting to more than two dates in the last 12 months. Our focus, it seems, is on quality rather than quantity.

Aussies don’t, however, hold back when it comes to their first dates, emerging as the most likely nationality to kiss on a first date. The French, on the other hand, prefer to wait until the second date to lock lips, but they are also the most inclined to keep the details of their first date a secret – the US preferring to tell all.

When it comes to picking up the bill, Japanese ladies took the gold medal for the highest percentage (16%) of women who said they pay the tab on a date all the time, with Australia, France, U.K. and U.S. ladies all lagging behind in second place at 4%. Twenty percent of Australian women said they would never pick up the tab.

Examining singles’ tolerance of PDA, or public displays of affection, the survey showed that a majority of singles in all six countries felt that tasteful PDA – such as hand-holding – was tolerable. Aussie singles were the most open to exploring higher levels of PDA, with 22% of those surveyed saying the more affection, the better!

What’s your experience? Do you agree with these survey results? Would you kiss on a first date or pick up the tab?

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