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Women win when it comes to making friends

If you’re a regular reader of Single File, you’ll know just how important we think it is to nurture and nourish your friendships. The good news is that, according to a study released just yesterday, women don’t seem to find this too much of a problem.

Women, it seems, are pretty good at making friends for life, and are twice as good as the men among us at establishing these life-long partnerships. According to the study, which was conducted in the UK, just one in six men are still best mates with a friend they made at school, whereas one in three women claim their best friend dates back to their school days. Men, it turns out, tend to prefer to establish their lasting connections at university or work.

With more and more of us turning to Facebook to cultivate friendships, the survey also revealed that, whilst the average adult has between 50 and 100 friends on their social network, they say they only have five close friends.

Social networks are doing their job in bringing us all together, however, with a third of women and a quarter of men saying they had found old friends on social networking sites such as Facebook. But it’s not just friends we’re using cyberspace to help us keep in touch with: of the people surveyed, 13 per cent of men and 16 per cent of women admitted there is at least one person in their network who they ‘can’t stand’.

What the survey said

Five – the number of ‘close’ friends the average adult has
Five friends from school remain in adulthood
50 – the number of friends’ contact details saved in their mobile phone
50-100 – the number of Facebook friends each adult has on average
13% men don’t like one person in their friendship group
16% women don’t like one person in their friendship group
5% men have used social networks to re-establish childhood friendships
33% women have used social networks to re-establish childhood friendships
34% women meet life-long best friend at school
16% men met their current best friend at school

What about you? Do you have a number of friends you met during your school years or have you lost touch? Do you have anyone in your social network you ‘can’t stand’?

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