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Take the plunge

The countdown to summer is officially on. With just 100 days to go, you can almost smell the chicken charring on the BBQ, and hear the chink of beers cooling in the esky. And, with the prospect of warmer weather, a whopping 2.5 million Aussie women have come out saying they’re more motivated than ever to get in shape, according to a study conducted by Galaxy Research.

Maybe it has something to do with the Olympics and all the images of strong, athletic female bodies flooding the media, but a wave of female fitness motivation is sweeping the country.

Whilst nearly 40 per cent of Aussie women typically avoid the beach over summer saying they don’t feel confident in their swimwear, this year that’s expected to change, as Hayley Lewis takes on the task of getting them in shape, and asks you to ‘Take the plunge’.

‘We’ve seen a completely different female body-image celebrated in the media over the last few weeks – one that isn’t a size zero, but is strong, fit and athletic,’ says the swimming champion and mum-of-two, whose own weight management struggle has been the focus of much public attention over the years.

‘Enjoyable exercise is about setting long-term goals now and not relying on quick fixes. You put in the effort now so that you can have the confidence to get down to the beach when summer hits,’ she adds.

To give Aussie women the nudge they might be in need of, Lewis has released a series of free, personalised swim plans on myspecialk.com.au, a completely free online tool for women that provides personalised healthy eating and exercise plans as well as motivational support from the former Olympian.

‘Every spring I think about how I need to start getting fit for summer – but this is the first time in years I’ve actually done anything about it,’ says Kate Munro, who is currently being coached through the swim plan by Hayley.

All of the plans have been developed in conjunction with expert nutritionists, dietitians and fitness experts to harness the latest in scientific thinking and bring users cutting edge advice about weight management.

As well as the plans, the site features expert advice on all aspects of weight management, easy recipes, an eating out guide, plus handy tools such as a food diary and exercise tracker. And the good news is, with 100 days until the warmer weather is here to stay, there’s plenty of time to sign up, and shed those winter kilos.

How are you planning to get in shape this summer? Will you get involved?

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