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What to do when being single sucks

If you’ve visited this website before, you’ll know that we’re very much on Team Single. In fact, through the course of putting this website together, we’ve met many, many men and women for whom being single is an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle choice. Whilst others may not ‘choose’ the life of a single guy or gal, still more find the interlude in their lives to be one in which they learn, grow, and develop.

However, walking a path without someone by your side is not always enjoyable and it would be naive of us to think we could sugarcoat it. In today’s society, sometimes being single can feel truly horrible.

It could be the fourth wedding you attend that summer, or the umpteenth person to enthusiastically tell you: “There are plenty more fish in the sea!” Whatever it is that tips you over the edge, there are bound to be times when putting on your ‘happy face’ and listening to your favourite up-beat tunes just isn’t going to cut it.

Author of Women’s Stuff, Kaz Cooke, believes the key to sailing through these times is to remember that being single in itself is not a tragedy. Rather, there may be certain trigger points – or symptoms – that initiate moments of despair.

“Try tackling the symptoms first,” she recommends. “Is it being at a loose end too much, or finding the weekends hard? Try issuing a couple of social invitations, doing a class, starting a ritual on Sundays or volunteering as a mentor.”

In other words, avoid your triggers and fill your time until you’re feeling stronger and ready to spend a Sunday going solo.

It’s also worth remembering that those questions that might pop into your head unannounced – like “who’s going to look after me when I’m old” – are no more relevant to a single woman than they are to someone who is married or dating.

What advice do you have for our readers? How do you cope when being single sucks? Or do you sail through single life unfaltering?

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