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The Man Whisperer

We all know that men are from Mars, women from Venus and, sometimes, bridging the language barrier between the two planets can result in all out war. But where some of us struggle to communicate with the opposite sex, two women claim they have men eating out of their hands. Their secret? Whispering. Man whispering, that is.

The Man Whisperer is written by Donna Sozio and Samantha Brett, two dating experts who have joined forces to offer women a collection of persuasive tactics based on simple rewards and punishments that encourage positives and discourage negatives from the men in their lives – be it in the early stages of dating or in the midst of committed relationships.

‘Thanks to Mr Darcy, Mr Big, Dr McDreamy and all those other “Mr Perfect” heroes in Cinderella-like tales, women have been duped,’ write the dynamic dating duo. ‘We’ve spent our entire lives being told that, when we meet Mr Right, he’ll fall madly in love with us, put a sparkling ring on our finger – and he’ll also clean up after himself, dote on us, romance us, remember to call when he’s going to be late (yet again), and that everything will be roses and chocolate-dipped strawberries for all eternity.’

The bad news is that, when this doesn’t happen (and believe me, it rarely does), it beckons the death knoll for many relationships. But all is not lost because, according to Sozio and Brett, there is a proven antidote.

‘The key to changing the course of your relationship starts and stops with you and the words you use to communicate with your man,’ they say. ‘Learning to Man Whisper means that you have to start, think, speak and act differently than you have been in the past and the payoff is that Man Whispering actually gets your man to do the things you’ve always wanted him to do, all the while getting him to think it was his brilliant idea to do so all along.’

If you think this sounds too good to be true, think again because, according to Sozio and Brett, when you learn to Man Whisper, dreams really do come true. Best of all, there are no complicated strategies or intimidating theories involves, and game-playing is well and truly banned. Instead, it’s about a shift in your own perspective, in the words you use and how you phrase them that will lead to men eating out of your hand.

With a seven day ‘Whispering Warm Up’, hundreds of helpful mantras, revealing real-life case studies as well as an insight into why casual sex is the arch rival of male commitment, The Man Whisperer offers a refreshing perspective on the battle of the sexes. And, if you’ve ever struggled to communicate in a relationship, then this is a book you might want to consider getting your hands on.

Tell us about you. Have your relationships benefitted from a shift in perspective and language? How do you ensure you maintain good communication in your relationships?

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