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Relationship regrets? We’ve had a few

If you’re anything like 44 per cent of the female population, you will have a few regrets. Specifically, relationship regrets. But whereas women seem to dwell on opportunities missed in their past love lives, it seems men sail through their relationships largely unscathed, with only 19 per cent admitting to romantic regrets.

Apparently, this information is nothing new to psychologists. “It speaks to something psychologists have known for a long time,” says Neal Roese, a psychologist and author of the US-based study. “Women are typically charged with the role of maintaining and preserving relationships, so when things do go wrong, it’s very spontaneous for women to think, ‘I should have done it some other way.'”

Whereas relatively few men dwell on relationship mistakes, they are more inclined than women to experience regrets about their work and education, with 34 per cent admitting to regrets in these areas as compared to 25 per cent of women. “It’s how men and women are raised in this culture,” comments Roese.

According to the study, which was conducted in Illinois last year, regrets that live with you for are lifetime are more likely to centre around something you didn’t do, rather than something you did.

“When you look to the recent past, you are more likely to kick yourself for blurting out something inappropriate at dinner or buying something you couldn’t afford,” said Roese.

“When you look back at your own past to long ago, you are more likely to see things you should have or could have done. A lost love. A job you could have had.”

What about you? Do you have any regrets on loves lost? Does your ex harbour feelings of regret about your past relationship? What have you learned from your regrets?

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