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Hot hair trend: the Urban Wave

Spring is just around the corner and, with it, comes a wealth of new hair trends fresh off the catwalk. Whilst big, bouncing hair is still as popular as ever, this season the look has taken on a more relaxed vibe known as the Urban Wave.

Having been spotted on the runway at Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Isabel Marant, the Urban Wave is a mix between the Beach Wave and Bed Hair looks and can be created with any length hair. With light waves and a neat centre part, it is a loose, laid back and effortlessly cool curve, combed through with your fingertips.

Simply sleeping in loose braids can achieve the inspired street style. Or, follow this step-by-step guide to create your own Urban Waves:

1. Start by roughly blow drying the hair on a medium setting;

2. Take a 10 cent piece worth of any sculpting or defining polish and run it through the ends of the hair for weightless texture, definition and hold;

3. Grab a small section of the hair off the part and wrap it around a curling iron towards your face;

4. Without letting go of the strand just curled, unwrap it from the curling iron and re-wrap around the barrel again in the opposite direction away from your face;
5. Hold the iron on the hair until the hair is slightly hot on the outside;

6. Unravel the hair from the iron. The result – half curly, half messy wave;

7. Repeat until all hair has been curled. Be sure to take bigger sections on the bottom and smaller sections on the top;

8. Once all hair has been curled, use fingers to fluff it out and soften the wave creating a messy undone finish;

9. Voila! All done. You can always add a hair accessory to change up the look.

This casual style is still classy, and gorgeous looking without going over the top and perfect for girls with busy lives.

The Urban Wave looks fab with any outfit. It suits every kind of face, is easy to manage and eliminates the hours spent in front of the mirror every morning. Enjoy!

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