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‘Til death do us part

…Or at least for the next twelve years. Because that, according to the latest research conducted by the Bureau of Statistics, is the average length of a modern Australian marriage.

The report, entitled Love Me Do, also shed new light on the ‘seven year itch’, revealing that, these days, it’s more likely to take nine for things to turn sour. Relationships Australia believe this is because Australians are tending to marry later in life, with older, more mature couples willing to work through their issues.

“They can be more aware of the commitment and work at it for longer,” said Sue Yorston, spokeswoman for Relationships Australia. “They are also more likely to have assets and have more to lose by divorcing.
”Another reason is dads have a greater investment in their families these days than they did 20-30 years ago.”
The report found that, today, the median age for divorce is 44.4 years for men, and 41.5 for women.

8.8 years – the median length of marriage in 2010
12.3 years – the median length of time before divorcing
31.4 years – the median age at which men to get married
29.2 years – the median age at which women get married

Despite the doom and gloom, in 2010, 221,000 marriages were registered – the highest number ever recorded in one year; and despite more divorce papers being signed, the rate was in fact lower per head of population than in 1990.

The analysis also revealed the impact divorce was having on the makeup of families, with one in five children living in a home without one of their natural parents.

What’s your take on this relationship research? Was your experience very different, or did your marriage last a similar length of time? Were cracks starting to show after seven or nine years?

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