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Sexual healing

If you thought the only thing getting better with age was that dusty bottle of Shiraz you bought last time you were in the Hunter, then think again. So too will your sex life, as women in their 40s are found to be more sexually liberated than their 20-something selves.

The survey, which was undertaken by Prevention magazine, looked at the lives of 1,000 Australian women over the age of 40 and found that 80 percent of them feel more confident in bed now than they did in their 20s.
“Contrary to popular belief, we were encouraged to discover that, for most women, sex only gets better with age,” says Jacqui Mooney, editor of the magazine.

The survey also unearthed some interesting trends. Almost half of those involved in the research – 45 percent – had been cheated on by their partner while 26 percent admitted to cheating on their own partners. On average, each woman had slept with eight sexual partners in their lives.

When it comes to the driving forces behind our passion for passion, most women confessed to seeking sex in order to strengthen the bond they shared with their partner (68 per cent), whilst 46 percent simply wanted to boost their mood and another 29 percent to feel less stressed.

“Unsurprisingly, 69 per cent admitted tiredness sends your libido south. And, bucking the online trend, 38 per cent reported their partner bringing an iPad to bed was a guaranteed passion killer,” says Mooney.
Although our sex lives are on the up and up, some of us are still unsatiated, with 60 percent of those surveyed revealing there is still something they would like to experiment with in the bedroom.

What do you think? Has your sex life improved with age, or were you more liberated in your youth? What is your motivation for sex, and are there still activities you haven’t yet tried in the bedroom?

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