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Learn to Salsa

Salsa dancing is a fabulous way to get the heart pumping and the feet jumping. It is a fun and exciting hobby and a great way to put yourself out there and boost your confidence. The confidence that can come from salsa dancing can help in all areas of your life, such as work and general health. Acquiring the skills to dance means you no longer have to hesitate the next time you’re out and get asked to dance. Your answer will be a loud and proud YES!

This is a great way to meet people. With night lessons offered at just about every dance studio, salsa lessons fit into even the most hectic schedule.

Salsa dancing was derived from the Rumba and involves a lot of shimmying and dipping. It can be very hot. Many dance professionals say that the basic steps of salsa can be learnt in10 minutes. Most beginners’ classes teach the same fundamental dance techniques. By taking several classes a week you will reinforce the learning process and advance quickly.

The Salsa is danced by stepping on three consecutive beats of music, then pausing for one beat and then repeating.

A few tips and hints to keep in mind when beginning to salsa:

Take small steps – Salsa involves taking small steps, keeping both feet beneath the body, appose to taking large leaps. As the music progresses and gets faster, smaller steps must be taken.

Stepping style – Each step should be distinct and should not look as though you are shuffling your feet. It will be easier to properly transfer your weight if you concentrate on clearly moving from foot to foot.

Posture – From the first beat to the final you must maintain good posture and be mindful of your positioning. Do not let your frame collapse and always uphold a firm and secure stance.

No pressure – It’s important to take your time when learning to salsa, do not expect to be a pro straight away, it becomes easier over time.

Be comfortable – wear comfortable shoes and light clothing that are easy to move in (often upon signing up for a class they will advise you on appropriate attire).

The social benefits of salsa dancing for men and women are second to none, this is a great way to meet people and let your hair down. It’s a great form of aerobic exercise that can burn up to 530 calories in just an hour. It’s also a brilliant skill for anyone to acquire – after your first lesson you’ll be sure to carry yourself in an entirely different way.

What about you? Have you tried salsa dancing? Did you enjoy it? Where did you go?

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