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Write a winning online dating profile

With hundreds of people joining sites like RSVP and eHarmony every day, competition is fierce. So just how do you make your profile stand out, and instigate the hundreds of cyber ‘kisses’ you know you deserve? Here are our top tips to getting your profile right, and giving yourself the best chance of enjoying a memorable online dating experience.

Being six foot tall in an other-wise average-height generation I know better than most what it’s like to stand out. I never had to do much, really – just don a pair of heels and I’d literally be head and shoulders above the rest of them. You couldn’t miss me in a bar. My tendency to bend my neck in an effort to wear high heels without hitting the ceiling proves the fact I spent a lifetime trying to blend into the background and go unnoticed. That is, until I turned to online dating. Suddenly no one could see me. There was no feature to make me instantly stand out in a sea of other faces. What had come naturally suddenly needed some thought and effort.

The fact is that, unless you get your profile right, your online dating experience may not be as rewarding as it could otherwise be. Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track.

What’s Your USP?
If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know what we’re getting at here. We’re looking for what makes you unique; what makes you, well, you? Ask any marketing guru to advertise a product, and they’re going to want to know why customers should buy it. Unless you know what makes you special, how is anyone else going to?

What’s in a name?
A lot, when it comes to online dating. Have a quick look and I bet you’ll find plenty of sexygirls and goodlookingboys so why not come up with something a bit different? Make sure your username is meaningful and tells your prospective date a little bit about you or what you’re looking for. That way they’ll instantly know if your profile is worth a visit.

A picture speaks a thousand words
So don’t let your profile picture let you down. The first thing people see is your profile picture, so you not only want one in which you’re looking your best, you also want to think about what kind of message you’re giving off. If you’re looking for someone adventurous and outgoing, then why not post that close up of you on top of Table Mountain rather than the one of where you’re half cut in the bar? Also, don’t be afraid to post a picture – the statistics show that profiles with photos get more responses than those without.

25 words or fewer
Most sites include space for a short (around 100 characters, so less than a Tweet), attention-grabbing headline. Given that this is thought to be the second most important aspect of your online profile, after your mug shot, this is your time to shine. Use positive language to tell prospective dates who you are and what you want. Before you commit, spend time trawling the site looking for headlines that grab your attention.

No one likes a bragger
You know how everyone hates the person in the office who comes in a self indulgently brags about their incredible life/skills/achievements? Well, it’s the same online. If you brag about your achievements and skills, you might put people off. Rather, if you’re really good at something, and you think it will make a difference to your respondents, try and communicate it in as neutral a way as possible.

What about you? Have you tried online dating? What attracts you to potential dates and how do you make sure you stand out? Did you struggle to write your profile? Let us know! 

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