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Shave your shopping bill

With hungry mouths to feed and often only one wage to rely on, the weekly grocery shop can become a stressful experience. But with a little know how, you can shave your shopping bill, and make the food you do buy, last longer. Here’s how

1. Plan ahead
If you’re already running your shopping errands on a weekly basis, you’ve already got this one nailed. Shopping for groceries day-by-day can see the dollars fly out of your bank account, so plan your meals a week in advance, and buy everything you need in one go. Thankfully, major stores like Coles and Woolies are often open in the small hours, and even offer online shopping, making the weekly shop even more convenient.

2. Savvy meal planning
It’s common sense that, if you cook a different meal each day, you’ll need more groceries than you would if you plan two dishes each week that can be served two days on the trot. A large lasagne, for example, can feed hungry mouths for two nights (and possibly one lunch), and will store in the fridge for three days, allowing you to break up the monotony of the same dish with something else on day two. It’s easy to throw an extra can of tomatoes into a batch of chilli con carne to ensure there’s enough for two days (served with rice on day one, and jacket spuds on day two) rather than one, and the same goes for curry, bolognese or pasta sauce, the list goes on.

3. Say farewell to expensive brands
Knowing which items to spend money on, and which to save on, can cut your grocery bill significantly. Replace expensive branded goods such as pasta, tinned food and sauces with their equally acceptable, un-branded counterparts. You’ll find the store’s own-brand pasta, for example, comes in at half the price of that in a slightly prettier package. Usually, however, it will taste just as good. Rather, keep your pennies for the better quality proteins, fresh fruit and veg.

4. Keep an eye out for special offers
If you buy in bulk, you can save money, and waiting for special offers can save you even more. Items such as olive oil and rice, for example, can be bought in large quantities – 25 litres of olive oil, for example – and if you bide your time, you’ll often see these items marked at half price – a considerable saving.

5. Sign up to your store’s loyalty card
If you frequent one store and one store only, then it pays to sign up to their rewards programme. Depending on the store and programme, you’ll be sent discount vouchers on a regular basis. And let’s face it, every little helps!

What about you? How do you save money on your shopping? Do you have any tips we’ve missed?

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